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Farmhouse Apartment

A farmhouse apartment is not really something you see very often in the heart of New Cairo. That thought alone has inspired us to work tirelessly on designing an outstanding model that will truly wow. The journey was exciting; however it surely was not easy. We took it upon us to transform this 280-square meter apartment into a luscious mix between raw and bold designs with a hint of a contemporary style all while keeping the image of a classic farmhouse.

Our vision was to create a non-traditional farmhouse. The designs we sought marked a great challenge in terms of finding the suitable pieces of furniture, locating the right materials, and lastly, mimicking the theme in the truest methods possible.

We used several types and textures of wood along with playing around with contrasting materials and furniture to perfect that authentic farmhouse look. Finding thematic, practical furniture was not easy; but thanks to our suppliers Dokkan and Exotics, we were able to put up something beautiful at the end. Moreover, we stressed on the uniqueness of the style from the get-go. Therefore, we had to design many of the pieces in-house or have them custom-made for our project; the room cabinets, kitchen, dressing room, as well as the dining room. On the other hand, we had to adjust the dimensions of the rest of the store-bought furniture to fit.

The colour palette we used from SCIB had dominant white, beige and greyish hues. Moreover, we used bricks and stones from Murano Stone for the office and living room walls to replicate the intense look of a farmhouse.

One of the key elements in this project was keeping a natural, vintage look without compensating on the quality of the materials or furniture. For the office room, we designed two libraries which embrace a captivating antique look. In that room as well as with the rest of the apartment, we used unique furniture; mystic coffee corner, TV unit, wooden beam roofs, naturally scarred wooden surfaces.

Our team has managed to keep the raw farmhouse style by putting up different types and colours of wood, adding bold wooden beams in the roofs, also, using informal scarring and scratching on wooden surfaces in the kitchen and the kids’ room.