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Sustainability is the only option we have if we want to maintain life on earth for future generations!

Sustainability concepts focus on achieving the balance between the ability to sustain social and economic development without imposing any damage to the environment. Simply because the way humans are heading is expected to lead to a global crisis; we're consuming resources that will end and destroying the environment. Could buildings be so vital in resolving the issue? Yes. As designers, we are seeking to foster the application of sustainability in design and spread the awareness of its vitality…


Sustainability Partnerships

In 2016, we approached the sustainability development expert Snøhetta, known for the winning design of Egypt's bibliotheca Alexandrina, to collaborate through establishing a learning laboratory (a Knowledge Center) to train future engineers on sustainability theories and applications and to organize seminars and conferences on sustainable design. In July 2017, the Knowledge Center for Sustainable Design (KCSD) was already active with its hero course “The How of Sustainable Design”. With further determination on providing sustainable solutions to the Egyptian market, we then approached Norwegian Pure Energy (NPE) and now our mother company, EBE-T is NPE’s sole agent in Egypt. A further step towards applying the renewable solutions to Egyptian projects was then taken, as we signed our MOU with Solar Shams. Moreover, being in partnership with CEDARE as their environmental consultant in retrofitting touristic places in el fayoum & waste management.






Methods' Approach to Sustainability

Since the sustainability concept started having an actual presence in Egypt, we've been keen on being part of every event, including "The Sustainable Development Exhibition & Conference (SDEC)", "Intelligent Cities Exhibition & Conference (ICEC)" & The Design Show (TDS). We are always learning and increasing our knowledge on sustainability and spreading this awareness throughout attending many events sharing the knowledge of sustainability generating new partners beside participating in the design show annually as the only sustainable firm joining this kind of exhibitions aligned with the biggest designers in the market, methods did not stop on such spreading the awareness of sustainability as a behaviour and world approach we also have our approaches in sustainable design, which are:


  • Low Energy Architecture: 3D Zoning and volumetric design resulting in having buildings, which are cool in summer and warm in winter, energy-saving, and comfy!
  • Passive Building Design: Designing a building that smartly uses sun rays instead of keeping them away by shades.
  • Renewable Energy Systems: Where the sun, wind, and water of seas and rivers are included as means of providing energy.
  • Moisture/Humidity Control: By conceptualizing building designs with respect to lighting and ventilation and choosing materials that aren't heat-emitting or bad for health.
  • Enhancing Building Efficiency: Whether by designing a fully sustainable house, including all concepts explained above, or adapting an existent building through enhancement or modification. However, efficiency isn't just about energy or electricity, interior comfort and the physiological impact of the house are also considered…

Why Build a Sustainable House?

  • Will only cost you 15-25% more than conventional buildings to construct
  • Saves energy consumption by 30-50%
  • Reducing your electricity bills by 50-70%
  • Will reduce your water usage by 30-40% (Rain water / Greywater can be harvested for landscape irrigation)
  • Act as anti-toxics to enhance human health
  • Sustainable landscape can help reduce your heating and cooling bills & increase air quality
  • LEED certified building guarantee lower maintenance costs by almost 20%