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While in Egypt the Andalusian and Mediterranean architectural styles dominate; we prefer modernity and find pleasure in its simplicity. However, we understand our clients' needs and work together to fulfil their dreams the way they see them.

We know every family member has his/her own needs and we keep that in mind as we plan the house. We present a basic idea through zoning for the spaces and 3D sketches, then create floor plans and architectural elevations as well as landscape proposals, eventually coming up with perspective shots so the house can be imagined as it would be in reality. We involve our clients through all of these phases, and edit the design according to our clients' feedback.

Furthermore, if our clients join us in our sustainability concept; we use the sustainable solutions that make the house even more healthy and environmentally-friendly.


We believe no home deserves to lack sun rays, fresh air, or extended views. We're free to design, if we're handed a land and asked to create a house, but yet if we aren't; we resolve to the best solutions considering the given space and possible compound rules and neighbor boundaries.

As we're always keen on being up to date with what's new in the furniture and materials market; we're always up to date in our designs. The know-how of these materials is present through the finishing experience of our mother company; EBE-T.

We understand the utility of every material and our selection examines color, texture, and needs to fulfil function, beauty, and comfort.


Landscape is all about how a building blends into its land, while creating spaces for outdoor leisure and activities. We make sure pathways provide optimum usage of the garden space and suit the entrance of the house, as well as its architectural form.

We design front and back yards to reflect indoor feelings and moods to the outdoors; knowing what should face a bedroom, a living area, or an office space.

Through our mother company, EBE-T, which is specialized in engineering and contracting, we are aware with the technical requirements of involving hardscape, softscape, and waterscape in the site.

Master Planing

What sets us apart in master planning is our general humane approach; which becomes integral in this service. We make sure everything is studied with respect to the human scale to guarantee the comfort of the habitants, users, and visitors.

Whether it’s a residential compound or a private mini compound, we set the routes network to guarantee easy circulation and we design the public areas with optimum use of space; to fairly offer leisure and social time for the residents.

Buildings orientation through the site is decided upon with sustainability concepts in mind; while enabling a pleasurable overall harmony between public or green areas and the residential establishments.