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General Contracting

We deliver ready-to-furnish projects after carefully planning out the construction and the furnishing processes. Our plan and execution phases include conducting soil tests, concrete designs, concrete execution, brick works along with the full execution of the finishing phase.

Our construction and consulting services come within flexible packages, tailored per each client’s needs. We coordinate with high-quality material suppliers along with trusted subcontractors to deliver outstanding results each time.

Turnkey Projects

We deliver projects ready for immediate use. Our team conducts full, comprehensive design and execution phases. this enables us to hand out any project to our client with complete furnishing needs met, with all appliances, electromechanical systems, and automation systems, etc. installed and ready to use.

Our policy is flexible. We either handle projects from scratch until the turnkey phase or take it on any mid-phase and extend our work to design and implement the convenient furnishing and appliances style. We offer customized designing or follow selections from premium-quality partners and stores. Moreover, we are capable of doing all of that, while maintaining high environment-friendly cost-effective measures.

Maintenance and Renovation Works

We have extensive expertise in conducting maintenance and renovation works. Our line of services includes plumbing, electrical, wall finishings, floor finishings, ceiling finishings, electromechanical works, HVAC and more.

According to the client’s needs, we either work on brand new designs and execute them, commence working on ready-made designs, or simply repaint and re-polish the existing design along with fixing leaks, scratches, etc.

Furniture Design and/or Supply

We have a fully-fledged service dedicated to design, renovate, or supply for furnishing. Our clients can choose freely between selecting items from catalogues or preferring customized pieces made specifically to fit their needs. Our design team can take care of the planning process and/or the execution part solely.

Thanks to our valuable partners in material supply and furnishings, we are able to actualize our clients’ requests comfortably by creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces tailored for their usage.