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Alaa Eldin Elbeheiry is a civil engineer with a long time experience in industrial, educational, administrative and health projects while working for the civil giant CEGMAN. Holding later the position of Executive Manager at the investment and real estate development company Taleed, he supervised the design, construction and finishing of more than 400 villas, along with recreational facilities; where he discovered an interest exceeding concrete and steel structures. It was a passion for design. In 2005, ElBeheiry launched EBE-T (El-Beheiry for Engineering & Trading) juxtaposing his contracting capabilities and the know-how of all construction procedures and legislations. He then formed METHODSto put the art of architecture, interiors, and landscape in its own separate haven while strengthening his passion through a diploma in interior design. ElBeheiry believes in the vitality of making a change; that's why he reoriented Methods towards sustainable design, and in 2016; he founded the NGO "Yamm for Social Development" to support the people of his hometown, at the South of Giza; through social, educational, health, and urban development. It is also why he reoriented METHODS towards sustainability in design and implementation; while spreading awareness on its vitality through launching The Knowledge Center for Sustainable Design (KCSD) in 2017, to train engineers on sustainability aspects; from theory to application.

Alaa Eldin Elbeheiry
Methods' Founder