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METHODS is based on a strong team of passionate Designers & Engineers offering a Full Spectrum Of Design & Engineering, Sustainability Services, and Contracting, Working On Projects Ranging From Residential, commercial, Admin, Industrial , Medical & Educational.

METHODS is one of the pioneers in Sustainable -Design & Execution- approach in Egypt. The formula of success at METHODS is delivering beauty and comfort – and the possibility to do that-in a sustainable approach , where every design is more than a beautiful sketch; but rather a technically-studied applicable solution.

It is now the company's promise of involving sustainable environmental engineering in the design process; transforming buildings from ordinary to environmentally-friendly energy-saving structures.


At METHODS, our goal through the past 15 years of work is to create successful spaces, functionally, and aesthetically, with cost effective prices; making the best out of every project.


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14 Years Experience Working

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Sustainability in Egypt

We see sustainability as the optimum direction for Egypt's massive future developments. This is why we’re establishing partnerships with local and global energy experts while adhering to “Egypt Vision 2030” which focuses on building new cities with sustainable concepts in Egyptian deserts.

Methods' Approach to Sustainability

Through our approach to sustainable design; we aim at enhancing building efficiency; not just in terms of energy or electricity, but while also considering interior comfort and the physiological impact of the house on its residents.

Why Build a Sustainable DESIGNING for a better future?

√ It’s time & money-saving, √ Healthier for Your Family, √ Environmentally-Friendly, √ Patriotic towards Egypt!

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Sustainable DESIGNING for a better future

Intresting Facts

Methods mother company; El-Beheiry Engineering & Trading [EBE-T] is renowned for various projects in a variety of sectors in the Egyptian contracting market. Our latest achievement for spreading awareness on sustainability among Egyptian engineers is represented in KCSD courses. Our CSR project; Yamm for Social Development, is also supporting our cause of making a change by developing the South of Giza. Our partnerships with local and global experts in different fields; maintains Methods’ promise of offering integrated design solutions.


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