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El-Shorouk Villa

It was desired to design a palace-like home in El-Sherouk City to resemble Heliopolis' old homes. With its classic vernacular style, the villa was designed to be a healthy home from a sustainable point of view; featuring high tech home automation inside. Through high ceilings, brick cladding, and clay roof tiles as well as GRC ornaments; the palace essence was achieved. Wide skillfully placed windows allowed healthy ventilation, a surrounding landscape shaded the villa from the high temperature of El-Sherouk city, and solar panels/water heaters on the roof acted as a renewable energy source. Through 600 m2 as foot print for this huge villa, vast spaces were allowed in the interiors; where the living area overlooks - and is directly accessible from - the pool and surrounding landscape. Honorable stairs were granted for the lengthened reception, as well as an elevator to the upper floor where there are master bedrooms, bedrooms, and terraces. A basement was designed with a gym/sauna added to a parking and extra living space; while the roof hosted a small apartment as a penthouse for the family guests.