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Zayed Dunes Contemporary Villa - Supervision

When the design gets out of the kitchen, it goes through development and integrations with other drawings to avoid on-site problems. Here came METHODS' role in this villa; as a coordinator integrating between the needs of interior design, electro-mechanical and central air conditioning works, plumbing, home automation, landscape, and waterscape. Some of the remaining civil works were also integrated with all of the above; being achieved by METHODS' mother company EBE-T; while home automation was implemented in the villa by our technical partner; Degla Tech. With a footprint of almost 500 square meters and a total built area of 1100 square meters; the design here was not a modern open space, but a rather privately-planned home that offered enclosed spaces for a gym, spa, and home office. The furnishing style was contemporary, Islamic at parts, while natural materials marked the finishing style. The outdoors were eclectically set up to host a geometric swimming pool, with side leisure areas and secluded lavish greenery.